mSAP - modified semi-additive process

Due to the continuous miniaturization of electronic components, the demands on PCB are increasing. For the realization of even finer conductors (< 25 µm), alternative manufacturing processes have to be applied. One such manufacturing method is conductor build-up using modified semi-additive processes.

In this process, a negative conductor image exposed on a thin conductive layer using photosensitive resists. In the subsequent electroplating process, the desired copper thickness built-up on the exposed areas. After removal of the resist, the built-up conductor pattern retained. The remaining thin layer is removed by flash etching.

Advantage of such a process technique:

  • Thinner copper layer thicknesses
  • Finer conductor widths
  • Different material combinations 
  • More precise conductor shape 

Areas of application:

  • Ultra-fine conductor technology
  • High-frequency technology
  • Medical applications
  • Sensor technology

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