The reliability of printed circuit boards for the medical sector as well as the aerospace industry plays a central role, as does traceability and individual marking.

Industry know-how for unique solutions for every client

With an export share of almost 80 % supplies Optiprint AG the following markets:

Medical technology

Our products are used in prosthetics, hearing aids, implants and in electrical medical equipment. In the process our clients will profit from expert guidance and reliable performance of our printed circuit boards. In addition they are fully traceable and individually marked.

Safety technology

Safety technology is becoming increasingly more important in our day to day life, both in travel and securing buildings. Our printed circuit boards are used in the body scanners at the security check in airports where they serve reliably.


Antennas and communication devices of the newest generation are equipped with our printed circuit boards. They are state-of-the-art and contribute to a smooth mobile radio communication.          



In Aerospace our printed circuit boards are used in various satellite and sensor systems. Our clients rely on our considerable technological experience and our innovative problem solving approach. As a consequence the printed circuit boards achieve a high standard of dependability.

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