High frequency and PTFE printed circuit boards
High frequency and PTFE printed circuit boards

Optiprint develops optimal production ideas and manufacturing of high-quality PCB solutions for every need. Our production facility is in Switzerland for our customers worldwide.

High frequency-, PTFE- printed circuit boards

Optiprint offers consulting, development and manufacture of high frequency printed circuit boards in a variety of solutions. We have a tremendous amount of experience, which we can make available for our customers. Innovation results from cooperation.

We guarantee our customers

  • a technological advantage, owing to the experience of our specialists and their wide-ranging knowledge of products and markets
  • flawless products, as these are manufactured on the most modern systems with the tightest manufacturing tolerances 
  • consulting for cost-optimizing panelization design
  • low purchase prices thanks to very high total procurement volume of PTFE
  • short lead times
PTFE - circuit boards 
Mixed dielectric multilayers
Metal core, Metal back PCB

We manufacture all usual PTFE materials from Rogers, Taconic, Neltec and Rohacell foacore. 

In response to one-sided, double-sided plated through PCB to multilayer can different configurations be implemented.

Special applications require innovative solutions. Fothis reason we are able to combine conventional materials with high frequency materials into multilayers.

Heat-Management is in the field of high frequency PCB is always an issue. For this we are able to offer different solutions with integrated metal core. All metals be used in copper, brass and aluminum.